Tips from Your Local Moving and Storage Experts at Tippet Richardson

The moving process requires a lot of time, energy and patience. If you are planning to move with pets and children, it may prove to be an even more challenging experience. Fortunately, adding pets and children into the mix doesn’t have to complicate your move. By preparing ahead and following a few simple tips, you can execute and manage a successful move with your entire household.

If you are concerned about moving with your pets and children, the professionals at Tippet Richardson are here to help. For peace of mind, let our friendly and experienced staff handle all your local or long distance moving and storage needs.

5 Tips for Surviving a Move with Your Pets and Children

We have a long history of helping families successfully move into their new homes. Along the way, we have gathered a number of helpful tips for our customers who are moving with dependents. Read below for our best advice on how to transition between homes with your pets and children in tow:

  • Give Your Family Notice: If you have made the decision to move, make the situation easier for your children by providing them with plenty of notice. This allows them time to understand the reason for the move and say their goodbyes. If you have older children, make sure that they have the opportunity to express their concerns and address any questions they may have.
  • Scout Your New Area: Make plans to visit your new home ahead of your moving date. This helps both pets and children get accustomed to the new surroundings. Your children are more likely to be supportive if you can help them identify the positive elements of your new neighbourhood prior to the official move. You can also take this opportunity to look into local dog parks and walking trails to ensure that you can meet the needs of your pet upon arrival.
  • Arrange for a Babysitter or Pet-sitter: If you have small children and pets, you may want to consider hiring a babysitter and pet-sitter for moving day. Have your babysitter or relative take your children out of the house and engaged in a fun activity to keep their mind off the move. Since pets can be hypersensitive to new people and changes in their environment, a short stay at pet boarding may also be a good option for them. If you are unable to arrange a sitter for your children, assign small tasks throughout the day to make them feel included. If your pet must remain at home, give them plenty of exercise before moving starts and keep them in a safe place with enough food and water once the process begins.
  • Make Sure Everyone is Comfortable: If your move involves a long car ride, making sure that your family, and especially pets, are comfortable should be a top priority. Before setting off for your new home, ensure that there is adequate space for everyone depending on their size and length of the drive. Taking the time to review where your pets and children are seated is much easier to do before your departure rather than while you’re out on the road.

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