“As Canadians we welcome around the world to visit, stay a time and maybe even settle here
to become a part of our next generations.” -Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Canada Day is only one celebration! The interesting thing about the second largest land mass of country
in the world, where a diversity of people contributes, and some have found refuge, there are festivities
everyday across the land.
As a young country, it has a chance to set a sample for the world. There is room for growth. There is a
base for peace while encouraging enterprise.
Canada has a high standard of living with a friendly and sociable people. Within its vast borders, spanning six time-zones, there is a beautiful and
varied landscape that includes major mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, and farmland.

Canadians often have been described as tolerant, community oriented, and polite. These personality
traits seem to permeate the population’s attitudes, regardless of origins.
Besides offering great family life choices, Canada ranks sixth for entrepreneurship.
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GUIDE. The Welcome to Canada program is changing to accommodate the updates from fast tracks
for immigration to the current daily listing of houses available across Canada.