Moving to a new city or province creates a mix of emotions from exhilaration and excitement to fear and stress. It is easy to fall prey to all the questions that swirl through your head. What are your new neighbours be like? How good are the schools? What if something breaks on the way, like the family china? Some things are impossible to replace!

You need someone in your corner. When you hire a full-service professional mover, you get a partner ready and able to give you guidance and make your move less stressful. Tippet Richardson has helped Canadian families relocate across the country and across the globe, safely and securely, for nearly a century.

4 Good Reasons to Hire a Trusted Moving and Relocation Company

There are many benefits to hiring a well-known mover to relocate you seamlessly. Here are just four:

  1. Simplify and Minimize the Cost of Moving:

    When you are ready to load up and head out, there are numerous things to keep in mind. You need to know how long you need your rental truck. There is the cost of fuel to consider, not only for transportation to take your goods to your destination but also to top it off on the way back. You need the right packing supplies. If you have to buy any, that cost needs to be covered as well. Finally, you might want to consider additional insurance. A moving company can take this laundry list, condense it, and give you a quote to take care of everything in one package price.

  2. Saves You Time and Energy:

    It can be tiring to look into all the big and small components of moving home. Add the additional time spent packing, loading, driving, and unloading, and exhaustion is bound to set in. After all that, you still need to get your rented truck back to a drop-off location, often in an area that you are not familiar with. When you work with a professional relocation company like Tippet Richardson, you have one point of contact who comes in, assesses your needs, and tailors a customized moving plan.

  3. Specializes in Specific Areas:

    Imagine packing up your car, heading across the country, and arriving late in the evening to your new hometown! Not only are you and your family very tired, but you also need to locate the right streets to get to your new home quickly, especially when you have exhausted children with you. Often, a moving company like Tippet Richardson makes that a lot easier. They specialize in specific areas and can quickly navigate to your house or apartment in half the time you take.

  4. Offers Peace of Mind:

    During a move, not only do you need to worry about packing and transporting your belongings, but you also have to plan for your first day at your new job and learn your way around a new city. Movers take the burden off your shoulders by bringing your goods to your location safe and sound, so you can focus on other areas.

Ease the stress of your move by hiring an expert moving company. Since 1927, Tippet Richardson has been a trusted name for worldwide moving. Our moving and relocation services are customized to your needs. No client is too small.

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