When planning to move, one step which is extremely important but often overlooked and underestimated is buying and packing boxes. Buying the right boxes and packing them properly is a skill, which generally evolves with practice and if not done right will make your move more stressful and time-consuming, with the probability of damaging your belongings. Also, most individuals misjudge the number of boxes they will need for their move and the time it would take to pack. To get you on the right track when buying and packing boxes, we have provided you with tips that will surely help you.

Quality boxes are one of the keys to a successful move, so the majority of individuals buy packing supplies from their moving company. Your moving company can also save you the time of the back bending and painstaking process of packing the boxes and the injury-prone task of lifting the boxes. We recommend that if still, you decide to take on the task of packing yourself, pack the heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in bigger boxes. A box should not weigh more than 50 – 60 lbs (25 – 27 kilos) to lift safely without injury.

Generally, for a single room, you would require around ten small, eight medium, and five large packing boxes. A 1,500 sq. ft. home will require between 80 to 100 boxes if you don’t plan to discard any items prior to the move. These are just estimates since rooms can significantly differ in size and contents.

Every item requires boxes depending upon the weight and value. Family heirlooms and valuable items need to be packed in specialized cartons. We would recommend getting in touch with an expert who could assess the volume and weight of your belongings and recommend the right packing materials and provide packers to take care of everything, so you have a stress-free moving experience. But if you do decide to take the task of packing yourself, our recommendations below will surely help you.

The following are some aspects of the move that you would want to focus on while packing or your movers will take care of:

Bedrooms Packing Boxes

  • Clothing – Clothes would require plastic totes, four or five cubic foot cartons, or wardrobe containers so you can hang the clothes directly in the closet
  • Linens or bed pillows – four, five or six cubic foot cartons

The fabric should be handled carefully as it can easily tear and get damaged.

Bathroom Packing Boxes

  • Shower curtain, towels, and bathmats – four or five cubic foot cartons
  • Toiletries – two cubic foot carton

Living Room & Home Office Packing Boxes

  • Televisions – pack in the specialized television carton to not damage the screen. A reputed and trusted mover can arrange for special cartons beforehand
  • Lampshades, throw pillows, and throws – four cubic foot cartons
  • Mirrors, artwork, and pictures – initially wrap in moving paper, post which bubble wrap is used. After the mirror is wrapped, a special carton is used for safekeeping. An experienced mover would have taken this into consideration and brought specialized cartons as per the requirements 
  • Printers, laptops, and computers – two and four cubic foot cartons or the original purchase cartons
  • Magazines or files – two cubic foot cartons
  • Albums, DVDs, CDs, books, and knick-knacks – two cubic foot cartons

Kitchen & Dining Room Packing Boxes

  • Stemware, glassware, and dishes – Since these belongings are easy to damage, we would recommend you hire a professional mover who will utilize reinforced cardboard cartons, tri-walled china cartons, with packing paper and bubble wraps
  • Larger appliances like a toaster oven, food processor, and pots n pans – four cubic foot box with specialized padding
  • Canned and boxed food, and small appliances – two cubic foot box

Area Rugs Packing Box

  • Once Vacuumed, the rug would be rolled up and tape would be applied around the middle section and at each end. If you are doing this yourself, you will have to be careful as tape can ruin the fabric

Packing is an extremely vital part of moving. With this guide, we hope to have provided you with valuable information for your upcoming move! If you want to have a completely stress-free move and for more details, you can always count on approaching a specialized mover – Tippet Richardson. Since 1927, we have been helping people to relocate effortlessly. Contact us today at 416 292 4555.