Canadian Thanksgiving Second Monday in October

The celebration of Thanksgiving in North America is believed to have taken place as early as 1578 during the voyage of Martin Frobisher from England in search of the Northwest Passage. Due to treacherous travel conditions for his fleet of 15 ships there was loss of crew and materials. Mayster Wolfall, as appointed minister and preacher, gave thanks for the blessings of survival.

There are also records the Spanish observed a similar thanksgiving earlier in Spanish North America and as well as the French after their ocean crossings.

Being thankful for the good in life, the compensation derived from burden, the positive results gained from venture became reason to install and endorse a time to give thanks.

Canada in 1879 officially declared Thanksgiving a holiday to be observed in the Autumn.

In history the complexities of moving from one spot to another, it seems, was a jumpstart to giving thanks.

As settlers built their new homes, grew crops and sustainable living styles, there became more reason to be thankful. Once in the new world, moving continued across the land. Today the entire planet is open to relocation of family and business.




The Thanksgiving tradition continues today with an encouragement for family and friends to gather and show appreciation for the bounty we share with others.

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The tradition of giving thanks is a wonderful part of society and an infinite way to be grateful for your blessings.