It is a great time of year to celebrate with family and friends. The warmth, camaraderie, the reminiscing and getting together can result in an exchange of gifts. We get more stuff.

The closing of a year will introduce items for storage and replace old with new.

In business this can mean records, files, digital and hard copy, must find a new home within easy reach for reference.

Tippet Richardson Records Management is the professional way of storing and retrieving files.


Business files need attention and remain a must for proper storage.

The firm can also advise you on household goods storage and shipping.

At home there are a few proverbial styles of handling an abundance of items. There are house rules such as ‘bring one in, one goes out’. This could be applied to furniture, art, clothing, almost any item that takes up space.

Another is how you feel about a new or existing item. Ask yourself, “Does this make me happy?”

This is advice from a professional downsizing firm who works with Tippet Richardson. If it makes you happy then it stays, if not out it goes to storage for future consideration or out for good.

When the new year begins it is also an opportunity for you to send an email to family and friends with a list of family heirlooms you would like to pass on. Depending on the responses, you will know your next decision on keeping or disposing of the pieces.

Tippet Richardson can ship across North America and around the world.