Useful Tips from the Trusted Experts at Tippet Richardson

Not everyone picks up and moves across the country or out it. Most of the time people stay in the same town. When it comes to local moving, every tip can help keep you and your family sane during a very stressful time. Planning is only the beginning of packing up your life and possessions and moving across your city to a new neighbourhood. You need to gather appropriate supplies, change your address, find a new mechanic. Add another 25 more tasks to that list—at the very least!

When you are ready to make your local move, the professionals at Tippet Richardson can help make the task more manageable and less stressful. We understand the intricacies of your new adventure. No move is too small for our crew. We even supply short and long-term storage to ease the transition.

5 Tips to Save You the Stress of Your Upcoming Local Move 

All the excitement of moving to a new home or area of town can quickly be overshadowed by the sheer magnitude of everything that needs to be done. Keep these tips in mind to make your relocation seamless, so you can get back to enjoying your new adventure:

  1. Declutter as much as possible. There is no better time to declutter your belongings than when you move. Why clutter up your new home? Be practical rather than sentimental and get rid of broken, useless items. Donate things that are still useful, but you no longer need. You can even sell things that may have some monetary value.
  2. Research professional movers. You can DIY your relocation, but why? A professional moving company can make the process much more straightforward. They load their truck, transport your belongings, and unload everything. Let them do the heavy lifting. Start early and get referrals from friends before hiring just any company.
  3. Gather the right packing supplies for the job. It cannot be stressed enough; make sure you have the right supplies for the task at hand. Buy boxes in a variety of sizes. Have plenty of packing tape and markers available. Be sure to label your boxes by room.
  4. Pack an overnight bag. A long day of loading, unloading, and chasing kids is exhausting. Make the first night better with an overnight kit that has the essentials you and your family need while unpacking. Pack items such as a change of clothes, toiletries, and medications.
  5. Pull together an activity box for the kids. Leaving a beloved and familiar home is hard on the kids. Moving day can be a confusing time where they want to help, but they are in the way. Grab a box and load it with fun items like colouring books and small toys for them to play with.

Hire the Professionals at Tippet Richardson for Your Local Moving Adventure

Decrease your stress levels and work with the trusted professionals at Tippet Richardson. Since 1927, our team has helped Canadian families relocate across town and across the globe. We tailor our relocation services to make your move as smooth as possible.

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