“Mostly we find May is a planning month or for those who are ahead of the anticipated rush, a great time to move.”, says Tippet Richardson Toronto.


‘The summer is a full out time for relocation of household goods’

The weather cooperates, and most schedules, like school, are cleared of commitments. If you have a choice in planning, it is best to use May for organizing of the packing and to take advice from professional movers. Book the date of your move with the experts you selected to ensure transportation, crew and a smoothness in the transfer. Avoid month end or the first of the month for moves.

If you are a DIY household, you still need to plan. The demand is high for both rental vehicles and the time available from ‘your personal’ crew.

Tippet Richardson and their sister companies under the TR umbrella have a network which can accommodate local moves, long distance across Canada and into the U.S.A as well as international global moves. North American moves, in some cases, use the same crew and vehicles for the entire move since the firm has authority in to 48 of the U.S. states.

For international moves Tippet Richardson partners work hand in hand with the firm. The affiliations have been well established over the years since 1927, appreciating Canadian standards and values.

As relocating has become more complex, it may be wise to talk to a professional like Tippet Richardson Toronto. There are departments where real estate, culture familiarization and even school search are part of the firm’s services.

Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your move, planning remains a priority. Professional advice is often free from a traditional long-established firm who is very familiar with the basic demands, has the tools to implement services and grows with contemporary knowledge. Call the 800 number to ask your question.

The month of May can be used as your planning month to avoid the ‘mayday mayday’ yell for help in the summer.

Take advantage of a firm like Tippet Richardson Toronto to ease your pressure of relocating.