When a company who specializes in relocation does research, one of the underlying principles is to obtain up to date detail to assist clients.

Customs, transport, special requirements for the journey, trends at destinations, and reassurance a trade colleague at arrival is similarly informed are the basics. There should be nothing unidentified.

Hypothetically in the far future, ex-pats and emigrants could be deciding what to take with them to the newest spot of opportunity and that spot could be an exoplanet.

An exoplanet or extrasolar planet is a world outside our Solar System. As of September- 2011, there are 645 extra-solar planets in 528 systems identified. Scientists keep identifying more.

One planet noted, a super-earth, orbits around a star where conditions could be hospitable to life.

The chance of picking up a home in Toronto Canada for a move to a super-earth is not immediate but science and people are on a continuing quest for knowledge about new destinations.

In theory, this lends prospect to the R & D departments of moving companies who eventually enter the futuristic environment to move personal possessions. Imagine the questions you ask yourself for such a transfer to a super-planet. What do you most likely want to take with you?

Back on Earth, when choosing a mover for a long-distance or overseas move, it is important to value the firm that thinks ahead. One who researches the destination prepares your shipment accordingly, hence prepares for a secure arrival of you and your personal effects.

The lineage of the moving company’s experience along with evidence of their continuing collaboration with international colleagues, confirms a commitment by professional relocation firms.

Proficient overseas, long-distance movers have protected storage warehouses for clients as part of their menu of services. Selling your home and obtaining new residency at your destination also be on the menu.

If you are planning on relocating to discover the workplace of another country or moving back home or perhaps acquiring a second residence overseas, plan it like a journey to an exoplanet.

Consult a professional who has researched the services required to get you and your personal property to your chosen location.

Hypothetically we may be playing a game of future thinking for setting up a home in outer space. However, the deduction of values when planning your personal move today, particularly overseas or across a continent, remains very similar.