Veteran in general is defined as an expert, usually an old-timer, a past master in a profession. Tippet Richardson is a veteran of relocations in the moving industry.

In Canada, during November and specifically the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, we focus on peace keeping veterans who sought to provide a world of harmony. Remembrance Day is a time for silence, prayer and gratitude. It is a selected time to remember, ‘Lest we forget’.

On this date Canada acknowledges women and men who put their lives at risk to protect freedom for others.

There was a hope to allow quality of life for all without racism, misogyny and prejudice. WW ll was a horrific time with a need to obtain a structure for universal peace. Many lives were lost.

A new society did emerge internationally. Countries were liberated, and peace was offered to replace tyrannical rule. Opportunity returned to the people.

There was optimism in the quest for peace. The World War would end all wars.

Democratic grouping globally would result. Individual identity respected while the world progressed, as one, to provide quality of life for humanity.

Canadian Peacekeepers maintained the mandate.

In November veterans come together with fellow citizens to recall the makings of a resolution. They spotlight a tragedy where results blessed many with freedom. Veterans are remembered.

In the country’s cities and villages people who immigrated to Canada after war join with generations of Canadians to respect our peacekeepers and veterans. At 11:00 a.m. there is a touching moment of silence. Each memory may be different although each thought is connected by the thread of peace.

After the war, Tippet Richardson welcomed displaced post-war arrivals along with returning Canadian military. There were job opportunities at the company. With a household goods moving company everyone had a chance to break into the workforce. People from all parts of the UK and Europe received a chance to rebuild lives in Canada. The nation was growing with people and business.

When November 11th comes around every year TR has good reason to remember veterans. Gratitude for their ultimate sacrifice protecting humanity and for their part in a quest for freedom.

Tippet Richardson proudly remembers the doors opened for employees, the growth in economy and the chance for quality of life for all.

Note: photographer Gilbert A. Milne served as Lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Navy during World War ll.