Many consider moving to be extremely stressful and frustrating. That is understandable when you consider all the factors involved with relocating, whether it is across town, across the country or across continents. You need to find the right sized rental truck, enough packing supplies for all your belongings, and then find your way to your destination. At the end of your travels, you can only hope that nothing is damaged or lost in transit.

Moving does not have to be stressful or time-consuming. It requires organization and efficiency; something that a relocation expert excels at. Take advantage of safe moving and storage facilities when you hire a professional. Tippet Richardson has helped Canadian families relocate countrywide and worldwide for nearly a century. Talk to our knowledgeable moving agents and discover how easy we can make it for you.

3 Ways a Professional Moving Company Makes Relocation and Storage Safe

Ready to enjoy your move instead of dreading it? Here are three ways Tippet Richardson comes to your rescue:

Safe Packing:

Of all the items to check off your list, packing is probably the most tedious. In your haste, you might make the mistake of haphazardly throwing objects into your boxes with no wrapping or padding to protect them. It is easy to break dishes or crack family picture frames in the process. A moving company handles all this safely, and more. They know how to arrange your fragile items to not only protect them but also make the best use of space.

Safe Driving:

If you are not used to driving a van or truck that measures 6 to 8 metres, you may be in trouble. These trucks require extra room to stop and turn. If you are trying to find your way through narrow or unfamiliar streets, you only add to your stress levels. Moving companies take this burden off your shoulders, delivering your belongings safe and sound.

Safe Storage:

What do you do with a truck full of household goods when your home is not ready, and your rental vehicle needs to be returned by 6:00pm? Unexpected weather disruptions or truck trouble can prevent you from unloading promptly as well. Avoid being stuck with a truck full of your belongings when you take advantage of your moving company’s short or long-term storage solutions.

Enjoy the ease of relocation when you hire a moving company to pack up your belongings, drive to your new home, and even store your personal items if needed. Since 1927, Tippet Richardson has been a trusted name in relocation services, locally and globally. Our moving and relocation services are customized to your needs, and no client is too small. If Murphy’s Law takes hold, we can even store your household and personal goods in one of our many safe and secure storage sites. Our facilities are monitored 24-hours a day, providing you complete peace of mind, knowing your items are safe and secure.

Call Tippet Richardson at 416-292-4555 or toll-free at 1-800-718-7664 to learn more about our moving and relocation services, records management, downsizing assistance, and storage options.