Winter can be one of the most wonderful times of the year but the cold could also become a nuisance especially if you are moving and are not properly prepared for it. Moving in general can be stressful but moving in winter adds another layer of stress. This layer is generally made up of snow, storms and possible delays.

The good news is that winter moves can actually be stress free and be a positive moving experience if you prepare for the move in advance and follow the tips which are provided in this article.

Plan Ahead and Book Your Dates

You should always plan ahead for important things in life, but this becomes more pertinent when you decide to move during the winter. Ideally, we suggest you reach out to professional movers at least two months before the moving date. Once you have connected with the mover, you should get an in-person survey or a virtual survey by a moving expert. This survey would provide you and your mover with clarity on the inventory of which household goods need to be moved. The moving company’s representative will also provide you with an accurate estimate of service. The sooner you can book your move, the better, as it would give you and your mover more time to plan out every detail.

Clear Your Walkways And Driveways 

Creating safe environment is important, as excess snow or ice on your pathways or driveway can be a potential hazard for both you and your movers. Having layers of snow around the property will make the move extremely difficult and make it more time consuming, so you should heavily salt your driveway and shovel the excessive snow away.

Make Sure There Is Available Parking For Moving Trucks 

Having an easy access to your home will speed up the process of moving and make the move significantly easier for you and your movers. If you are unable to make space around your home due to ploughed ice you can park your car away from your home to give the moving truck that parking space. Having an ideal spot for loading the truck will make the moving process a lot easier.

Take Care of Your Beloved Pets

While moving may not be stressful to you if you hire the right movers, it could still be stressful to your pet if you don’t take precautions. On the day of the move, you should keep them with you or with individuals who is known to them. If they are in the house, we suggest you keep them in a heated room.

Protect your belongings and floors

When packing yourself, you should know breakable items like dish ware, glass and china are especially susceptible to sudden temperature changes and can break or crack quickly. Packing everything carefully in their own specialized boxes and containers would help. An easier way is to hire professional movers and let them pack for you.

Floors are also susceptible to dust, snow and moisture that will be brought in due to the frequent moving while loading the truck. To protect your floors, you can lay down plastic sheets or other coverings, which will save you the trouble from cleaning your carpets while in middle of a move. If you book a reputable and trusted mover, they can take care of all this for you.

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