When moving to a new city, town, province or continent we have mixed emotions of excitement. Wow comes to mind. At a firm like Tippet Richardson who has been relocating people for over 90 years, we have shared the wows… and the labour.

One of our advertisements published in the Toronto Star in 1975 was a photo of our employees from different departments. Our slogan, we are “the friendly movers”. Noemi directed 180,000 calls per year to the appropriate department. Ted Sparks co-ordinates with a personal touch 1400 moves a year. We were a team for our client. We wanted to keep the ‘wow’ in the relocation, do what we did best, work for the customer.

Not much has changed in the attitude of our time-honoured relocation company. We keep upgrading our skills with current technology while we hold on to the ‘friendly’.

So how much does friendly cost?

Remember your first do it yourself move? Friends were a big part of those days.

We learned from those days the difference between friends helping to move and ‘friendly movers’

The costs of a DIY vary for all the obvious reasons. Adding up fuel, rentals, additional unexpected labour, personal time, the list can go on; the saving may not be all that great.

A free estimate from a professional relocation firm clarifies this for you.

A lot depends as to where you are moving, local, long distance or international as to what assistance a professional can do for you and whether the service is included or an add-on in costs.

A relocations expert like Tippet Richardson can provide a tariff of all services, even some you may be surprised to see on the menu, and some that are just plain free.

From assistance in buying a new home, or finding an apartment, to downsizing an estate, to packing Grandmother’s antique rocker, to prepping a student’s much needed items for private school in Switzerland, to complete relocation of contents of a full-sized home, Tippet Richardson does it.

A local move across town is different from a move to Dubai, but good to know our experience is above average in providing all the services. Experience also brings cost efficiency.

How much?

Contact us for a free estimate.

Watch for our blog on “Downsizing and who wants the antiques”


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