In every industry, and now in life, we tend to create acronyms and new words to quicken communications. With the addition of emojis, we may not understand the full meaning of some expressions.

Groupage is a reference made for loads of individual household goods being shipped internationally in one sea container.

Groupage containers are best suited for the smaller, non-time-sensitive shipments, where the customer shares the cost of a container. This is usually the most cost-efficient way to move household goods between high volume traffic lanes like Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

Tippet Richardson Groupage services are efficient and flexible. Trained and experienced Move Managers are prepared with professional information to provide explanations, eliminate any surprises. They have been leaders in groupage shipments to and from Canada.

The team is highly skilled in handling intricate details of any international household goods move of any size.

The main offices of Tippet Richardson are in major cities. The firm can handle smaller loads from and to most of Canada. The network of the firm has been well established since 1927.

Working in tandem with the railway system and their own vehicles, the company is well equipped to create shipments for a ‘groupage’.

With our colleagues around the world, a door to door service is available.

The best way to determine if you benefit from the use of a Tippet Richardson Groupage container, please contact a move manager at the firm.