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Are you looking to downsize in retirement? Going small can add a sizeable amount of income to your savings, giving you the security you need for the future. At Tippet Richardson, we understand that most homeowners want to remain in their homes for as long as possible.

This can make the prospect of moving, particularly challenging when it’s time to say goodbye to decades of memories. With our home purchase tool, we can help you successfully transition from your current home to an appropriate housing option.

5 Useful Tips for Downsizing

If you are ready to downsize, there are a few ways you can make this big transition a little easier. Here are 5 tips for downsizing successfully:

  • Plan Ahead: Give yourself plenty of time to start planning your downsizing. It may help to set goals to keep you on track and ensure that all family members are on the same page to avoid conflict or hurt feelings once the process begins.
  • Determine Your Needs: As you move forward, start asking yourself what aspects of your lifestyle are most important to you. For instance, how much smaller could your new home be? Should you be keeping items and furniture just because you spent a lot of money on purchasing them? Asking these types of questions help you live more comfortably in your new home.
  • Eliminate Clutter: Keep clutter out of your new home. Not only does it make your space feel smaller but you may find that you don’t actually need all this stuff. Consider using smart storage solutions and incorporating furniture pieces that can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Sell or Donate Belongings: One person’s trash is another one’s treasure. Keep this rule in mind when decluttering your home and consider having a yard sale or donating items you want to get rid of.
  • Hire a Professional: When in doubt, it’s time to call the professionals. Our moving experts can help you sort, pack and store your belongings. When you’re ready, a realtor can also help guide you through the process of buying and selling.
Use Our Home Purchase Tool to Find Your Next Home

Expedite your move and have peace of mind with help from a downsizing assistant specialist. At Tippet Richardson, our services extend well beyond the moving of your physical objects. While we are experts in relocating household goods, we also provide organizing and storage services in addition to our downsizing assistance program. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless move and our new home finder service can make that possible. Whether you are moving to your first family home or need to downsize, Home Finder offers tailored real estate assistance to our clients across Canada. Browse through our database of properties for sale and together with the help of a professional realtor, we can help you find the right place to call home.

Call Tippet Richardson at 416 292 4555 or toll-free at 1-800-718-7664 to learn more about our home finder service. You can also take advantage of our local moving and relocation services, records managementdownsizing assistance, and storage rental options.