This is an expression more common today than ever before. Relocating qualified employees to company branches domestically has blossomed to Relocation to ‘anywhere in the world’ where an expertise is required hands on.

Even with remote work stations being an acceptable business form because of technology, people and their talents are often required to relocate for contractual time periods in business.

EURONEWS recently reported Belarus may become the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe. No doubt there are transfers involved to reach optimum results.  Canadian architects and engineers are found on site with an ever-growing Dubai. Hospitality, medicine, education, almost any destination around the globe has foreign representation in the workplace.

What makes global mobility likely besides the need for proficiency?

The knowledge assembled by Relocation Firms to address all the required transactions involved makes it feasible. To approach the elements of relocation as an individual or as HR staff may be intimidating without knowing the full collection of potential needs.

As an example, here is a list of some typical elements included in a relocation.

  • Temporary accommodation
  • Area information of destination
  • Immigration*
  • Sale or Rental of Home domestically
  • Home Search for destination
  • School Search
  • Furniture and appliance rental
  • Moving of personal Household Goods
  • Secure Storage
  • Shipping Overseas*
  • Customs Clearance*
  • Travel Management
  • Cultural and Language Training*

*For International Relocation

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