Moving homes can be stressful, especially if it is over long distances and when travelling with family, but having Tippet Richardson by your side can make it simple.

If you are thinking about moving to, from or within Toronto, you need a professional moving company that is familiar with the city and has years of experience moving people in and out of Toronto. People usually move during the summer season, but it all depends on the housing market and the needs of your family.

Here are some things to remember when you are considering a summer move:

Set Up Utilities in Your New House
Amidst the hustle and bustle of moving, people often forget to set up utilities in their new home. Imagine spending days without water, heat, electricity after you move in. Ensure you schedule appointments with hydro, water and other essentials weeks in advance. Since summer is peak season, you need to make appropriate arrangements to time with your move.

Book Your Local Movers In Advance
If you plan to move locally within Toronto, be sure to book your movers in advance. Since summer is peak season, families could have booked months in advance with popular movers. An earlier booking date earns you the commitment from the mover so that you do get moved on your date of choice. If you begin your search early, you can take out the stress of finding a mover later in the year.

Pack Your Belongings Efficiently
There’s an art to packing that allows you to group things more effectively. This does not only save you space with the moving boxes but also make it more convenient to transport them over long distances. Ensure you do not leave packing to the last minute as it can take a considerable amount of time– not only are you left packing things until the last minute until the movers arrive but possibly delay the schedule. You can also have a yard sale for items such as furniture, accessories and others if you find it more convenient to sell them than pack them for your new house.

Start Early On The Day Of The Move
Since you are moving during the summer, expect temperatures to soar during the day. An early start can help you beat rush-hour traffic that begins around 8:00 AM. Temperatures are usually bearable early morning and help you stay relaxed during your move. Make the journey more comfortable by planning well in advance. To help with soaring heat, you can choose to dress in cotton and other breathable fabrics. Even though you may have hired movers, expect to perform some manual work that can result in sweating.

Tippet Richardson professional moving services can help you relocate within Toronto or across provinces. We are experienced in packaging belongings and transporting them safely, efficiently and on time. If you are ready for a local or national move, call us today for an estimate.