If you are planning an international move, you’ve probably already thought about everything that goes into it. Immigration, customs, flights and a potentially new culture, moving internationally is one of the most complicated moves any person can go through. However, international household movers are able to help relieve some of that pressure, which is why it’s of the utmost importance to choose your overseas movers carefully. Understanding your overseas services will help you make the best decision.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding international relocation services.

How Will My Belongings Be Shipped Internationally?

Depending on how many belongings you want to move, there are two main shipping methods: either by air shipments or by sea shipments. Household goods and possessions are best shipped via air if a reasonably small amount of goods are shipped. This is also the fastest method of shipping but it will come at a higher cost. Sea shipments that ship worldwide through sea containers is one of the most effective modes of transportation. If a whole household’s contents need to be moved, this is the most cost-effective route; however, keep in mind that it will take longer to arrive at the destination.

Do I Need To Use The Entire Sea Container If Shipping By Sea?

You will not need to use up the whole container of goods to ship via container and there are many options for using shipping containers based on your situation. You have options. You can go for a full container load if you have enough goods to fill up an entire container. Or you can use a less container load where your belongings will be placed in a smaller vault that is then loaded into a container with other goods going to the same place. A groupage is good for those even smaller shipments, depending on where it’s going. Each shipment will be clearly labelled and separated once it is loaded in with other shipments and this is a very cost-effective method. However, it can take more time to arrive at your destination, depending on when it is loaded at the origin location.

Will I Need To Pack And Unpack My Items?

For many shipping methods, international movers and packers will be able to pack and unpack your belongings for you. The only exception is baggage shipment, which you will need to pack and prepare to be ready for shipment upon its delivery to the warehouse.

Who Will Handle My Belongings At The Destination?

Through our agencies, we only partner with the best international moving companies around the world to make sure that you will receive your goods in the condition that you packed them in at your destination.

No matter where you are located or where you are moving, our international movers and packers are here to help you find the best shipping methods for the safe transport of your personal possessions.