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About Us

Tippet Richardson Records Management was established as a division of the Tippet Richardson group in the 1960s. Since that time we have introduced secured destruction, imaging and hosting, and integrated systems platform.

Tippet Richardson operates through the barcode system and continues to work with designers on research and development to constantly improve and expand the technology to meet client’s changing needs. We have developed cloud-based technology integration with our clients in order to maintain our leadership in technology.

The Services provided by Tippet Richardson Records Management include:

Off-Site Storage

Our dedicated team of storage experts is able to provide you with unbeatable customer service. Prompt pick-up and delivery services are readily available, encouraged by our efficient barcode identification and tracking system with extended access to information via online records software.

Media Storage Management

Tippet Richardson Records Management provides media storage in its fire-resistant constructed vault, ensuring that your data is stored in optimum conditions as part of your backup routine and business continuity plan.

Secure Confidential Destruction

Secure confidential destruction and scheduled shredding rotation service to help your organization reduce risk, enhance compliance and protect your brand’s reputation.

Tippet Richardson Records Management Is able to provide a Certificate of Destruction upon request for that extra peace of mind that your documents were securely destroyed.

Information Management Supplies and Services

Our team of professionals will assist you in managing your records through consultation, providing you with the supplies you need in order to keep your documents secure, including cartons, media cases, consoles/nylon bags, and bins.

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