Indoor Car Storage Toronto

About Us

You have a personal passion, and when it comes to something that you value, something that has become part of your life; you want to ensure that wherever it is, it will be taken care of with a personal touch!

What Are You Looking For in a Car Storage Company?
  • A safe, secured, non-descriptive building that has a climate-controlled environment
  • A professional, skilled, and courteous staff who share the same love for vehicles
  • A trusted company that will not go out of business
  • Easy, quick access to my car
  • Competitive rates

Services we can provide:
  • Our new building is safe, offering 24/7 security with climate-controlled conditions
  • The owner is a “Big Toy” collector and has your best interest at heart and all staff are hand-selected by the owner
  • Our founding company, Tippet Richardson, has been in business since 1927 in the moving and storage business
  • We are located off Hwy 401 and DVP for convenient access
  • Our rates are very competitive and we offer specialty car care services.

Contact Us today to discuss your car care service.

Toronto: 416-292-4555

Vancouver: 1-800-771-5015



25 Metropolitan Road Toronto M1R 2T5