It may not be the peak period for people moving in and across North America.

Relocating does remain active domestically and internationally.

When a new position opens for a profession, a visa has been approved or retirement accommodation is ready, people move regardless of weather.

Some Canadians head south for a retreat from winter during their business career.

When retirement becomes a reality, relocating to warmer climes permanently may be their desire.

Likewise, professions in engineering, medicine and hospitality have opportunities arise all year. Therefore, a move in winter could be a necessity.

Looking at Canada, the second largest country in land mass, the winter season shows differently in the hills, valleys, mountains and urban areas. It is wintertime and lifestyles adapt at all locations.

Recreation just outside your door is possible and enjoyable, like a game of scrimmage hockey on the pond or a hike among white laden trees.

Cities may be trapped some days with poor driving conditions but it all becomes expected and accepted. Shoveling, plowing and checking the road conditions is part of the season.

The countryside is most beautiful with openness, untouched snow, ice volcanoes and winter birds seeking seeds. The Canadian sunset remains spectacular.

If you need to move in winter, call a professional.

As a Canadian firm established in 1927, Tippet Richardson knows the ups and downs of seasonal life, especially in Winter.

Tippet Richardson has solid experience in winter relocations

and over time developed methodology to address weather related encounters.