Have you noticed the fashion in antiques, retro furniture and everything from silver to family bibles runs charts like the TSX or Hang Seng stock reports? It appears the ups and downs in decisions on desirable possessions from family heritage or an overstocked home are baffling.  It is a personal judgement but no doubt the trending by designers and crazed peer pressure enters into the option as to whether we keep household goods when downsizing or disburse them to the whims of society.

It can be quite convoluted as well when you watch one age group take a family dining table strip it back to a natural finish and then cut it down for use as a coffee table, and the next generation painting it once again with a chalk look to make it appear ‘old and used’.

In the household goods moving industry international relocation experts see a wide range of preferred designs. Whether moving expats around the world, welcoming migrants, returning heirlooms to their homeland or crossing town with a shipment for auction, the diversity of contents widely varies per load.

There are a few common threads of knowledge in the moving of personal goods when downsizing and some may not come readily to mind. When overwhelmed with decision making particularly at an advanced age or under stress it is easy to overlook some more desired solutions to distributing your personal goods.

Relatives across the country and distant cousins overseas may be very interested in owning some of the family’s past. Today with communications faster than the speed of light and a network of reliable Relocation agents globally, their desire can be a reality. It can be a win-win to know as well treasures and useful furnishings continue on in the family.

The first step is to contact a Relocation Expert for free advice and quote. This can be accomplished by talking to the right company at either end of the move. For example, if the household goods are coming from Toronto and going to Norwich UK area the ‘cousin’ can discuss the procedure and cost with a registered British Association Removals member in Norfolk. If the destination is in the area of Wales, Fox Movers in Cambrian could be a choice.

The international removals expert contact their related BAR agent in Canada, like Tippet Richardson. In reverse a call or email to Tippet Richardson provides the same seamless service of free quote and advice to any part of the globe. Everything can be arranged and paid for from either end too.  The network of agents who belong to reputable associations or other recognized international groups can offer peripheral advice on what to do with household goods, regardless of country destination around the world. Many are connected to charities and auction houses to assist the individual when items are deferred to disposal. However, their specialty is delivering your personal property to the desired final destination, like the family living overseas.

In most cases the delivery of household goods is to the final home destination but it is possible to save cost with a pick up from the secure bonded warehouses of the international mover. All these features are made available to the shipper and receiver. Ask for a full menu of choices.

Tippet Richardson Relocation can sell your home, purchase your new home, handle your household goods and everything in between. 

There is no doubt moving is stress, downsizing likewise a muddle of decisions. Discussing your wants with professionals is recommended.

Options are endless today for placing the washstand and great grandmother’s rocker in the right home. It doesn’t have to disappear to a storage vault or a salvage yard and you don’t need to fill a 20-foot sea container to send loved one’s remembrances of the family…but you can.