Where to Store Your Household Goods

Storage and Relocation Advice from Tippet Richardson

The moving process is not always straightforward and matters can become even more complicated if there is a waiting period in the middle of your move. Since your household goods cannot be moved directly into your new home, you’ll need to find a temporary storage solution for these items. Fortunately, using the storage services provided by Tippet Richardson as an interim location for your personal belongings will ensure that your items are safe and remain in good condition. Our goal is to make sure you feel good about where you are storing your things and with nearly a century’s worth of experience, we are confident you will feel that way when you work with us for all your moving and storageneeds.

Storage and Relocation Tips for a Stress-Free Move

While many homeowners are fortunate enough to immediately move into their new abode, others are forced to make other arrangements. Read on to discover some of our top storage and relocation tips to help make your move a much more positive experience: 

  • Declutter Room by Room: From the moment you decide to relocate, the first thing you will want to do is to plan ahead, and the second, is to begin de-cluttering your home. While it can easily become overwhelming to have to sort through everything you accumulated over the years, it will help to simply tackle one room at a time. As you sort through items, visualize where they will go in your new house or if they are destined for storage. Framing the organizational process this way will help you determine ultimately what you want to keep, store, toss/donate or sell.
  • Consider Your New Space: Keep in mind the dimensions of your new home, especially if you are downsizing. When sorting furniture, visualize how you want everything to fit into each space since you will be more inclined to get rid of things that you won’t have room for. This will also make room in your storage space for more important items you actually want to keep around. 
  • Move Bulkier Items First: Heavier or bulkier items should be packed away and stored first to provide a good base for your other items. However, heavy items should not be stored on top of your sofa or mattresses, as it could damage your furniture. Additionally, always place a cover over your soft furnishings to protect against dust and other debris that could affect the condition of these items. 
  • Clean Items Prior to Storage:Items like your fridge or gardening equipment must be fully defrosted and/or cleaned prior to being placed in storage. Additionally, the fridge and freezer doors should be left open while being stored, to prevent moisture build-up and subsequent mold growth.
  • Store Seasonal Items Last: As you add more items to your storage space, don’t pack away your seasonal equipment until the very end. This is especially important if you are storing items long-term or are uncertain as to how long your items will need to stay in storage. Seasonal equipment that is kept towards the front of your storage unit is easily accessible so you won’t have to spend time and energy digging around the pile for the items that you need immediately.
Contact Us for Short or Long-Term Storage Services

No matter what type of moving service you are looking for, Tippet Richardson has everything you need and more. We can help take the stress out of your day or the weeks leading up to your move by providing you with a variety of safe and secure storage options to suit your household requirements. Whether you need short or long-term solutions, our storage facilities can accommodate all your belongings with valuation protection coverage also available for you. We offer pickup services from your location to our storage warehouse, performed by the best and most qualified movers. If you’d prefer, you are also welcome to personally deliver or pick up your personal items and we are happy to facilitate this process. Additionally, all our temperature-controlled storage facilities are monitored 24-hours a day by the most advanced security systems, for your peace of mind. 

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