For all of you out there who like to explore nature’s beauty , we’ve got some exciting spots to explore in the heart of Toronto. If you’re in the city or traveling, these spots are a must-see for a memorable and unique experience:

 Toronto Music Garden- Enjoy the sounds of Classical Music  – Right by the Harborfront of Toronto, a magical and lovely green area near Toronto’s waterfront, is the venue for classical music events throughout the summer Enjoy the views of Lake Ontario and Toronto Harbor.

 High Park- a one-stop spot for the best nature, attractions, and activities- No matter where you’re staying in the city, this park, which is at the western edge of Toronto, is a convenient location . Tip: While at the park visit discover the magic of the animal kingdom at the High Park Zoo  .

 Toronto Botanical Garden- Known as “the little garden with big ideas  ”- The Toronto Botanical Garden is a vibrant and dynamic site that connects people and plants .


Stay tuned for more exciting editions of our 3 Best in Toronto series! We can’t wait to share more experiences and hidden treasures with you that will make your trip to Toronto truly remarkable.

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