Canada: Back in time for Winter 2020

Winter is coming, to Canada which also means the year 2020 is coming to an end. Canada, a county known for its beauty, diversity, and size, has been coping well with the pandemic. Immigration levels are back on track while the real estate market is seeing a year-over-year increase in sales. 

Canada welcomed 11,000 new Permanent Residents in August, a number far smaller than anticipated before the pandemic. However with a record breaking 4500 invites for permanent residence being issued by Immigration and Citizenship Canada each month through the Express Entry, we can see an influx of people coming and settling into Canada once the pandemic settles further. The recent re-opening for the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) in 2020 can further welcome 10,000 applicants to invite their parents and grandparents to Canada as Permanent Residents.

Canada has one of the world’s highest home ownerships rates, currently around 70% of all Canadian’s own a home. With current low interest rates, owning a home in Canada has not been easier. Home sales are up by 45.6% as compared to last year. Around 21% new immigrants become homeowners in their early years of moving to Canada. With the work-from-home becoming the new normal, many white collar workers and executives find themselves moving from metropolitan cities such as Toronto and Vancouver to the outskirts where they can afford to buy a property they actually own.  

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