CNE, Canada’s largest annual fair takes place in the month of August. The Canadian National Exhibition began in 1879 promoting agriculture and technology in Canada. As Canada grew, the CNE advanced over time with numerous new features, games, rides and entertainment. The location on 192 acres (78 ha) along the Greater Toronto’s waterfront became an annual adventure for summer excitement. The grounds are used all year round for exhibits and other functions taking place in the several buildings.


In 1927 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Canadian confederation a Triumphal Arch was built in 1927 at the entrance to Exhibition Place and named The Diamond Jubilee of Confederation Gates. Once it was learned Edward, Prince of Wales and Prince George were travelling to Toronto to cut the ribbon, the name was changed to Princes’ Gates.

How does Tippet Richardson fit in with the CNE?

Tippet Richardson was established in 1927 and immediately had a relationship with business activity in Toronto, including the CNE.

As a reminder of the association a photograph was taken a few years later of the TR fleet at the front of The Gates.

Basil Tippet was very involved with business and philanthropic activity in the growing Toronto area. 


Over the years TR in one way or the other was involved with the CNE and the many participants. One year during uncertain relationships between China and the western democracies, Tippet Richardson could ease the stress and moved internationally an entire troupe of performers and equipment from Asia to Toronto for an exceptional concert at the CNE.

Heritage can make a difference in decision making today

When looking to relocate personally or your business, locally, long distance or internationally consider the background of the professionals with experience…lots of it.