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Packing for a move, whether local or long distance, is not a simple task, especially if glassware is involved. Often extremely delicate and fragile, glassware is prone to breakage during transit if handled incorrectly. These items need superior care and protection in order to stay intact during a move. Therefore, your first and most reliable line of defence is understanding how to pack your glassware effectively.

Fortunately, the moving experts at Tippet Richardson are here to help with tips and tricks for a seamless transition. Whether you are preparing for a local or long distance move, we also offer full or partial packing services provided by our trained and experienced packers.

5 Steps for Packing Glassware Safely

When it comes to packing glassware, it’s important to take your time and be extra careful. Here are a few simple steps you can take when packing these items so they arrive at your new home intact:

  • Invest in Proper Supplies: Before packing even begins, make sure to invest in the right moving supplies. For fragile items like glassware, consider purchasing high-quality corrugated boxes, dividers, cushioning materials, packing tape, and markers for labelling each box. If you are in the midst of packing and find yourself short on cushioning material, you can also use household items like old newspapers, blankets, and pillows for padding.
  • Prepare Your Boxes: The next step is to prepare your boxes for the move. Corrugated boxes should be sturdy enough to handle the transition and keep its contents protected. Tape your boxes correctly and place a layer of packing paper or other cushioning material on the bottom before loading in your glassware. Cardboard partitions can also be placed inside your boxes to reduce the chances of damage by keeping glassware separated.
  • Wrap Items Individually: Each piece of glassware should be wrapped individually as an extra layer of protection. Begin by stuffing the interior of each item with cushioning materials such as foam padding or packing paper and wrap the exterior with newspaper. Don’t forget to wrap the stems of your wine glasses as these are often the most fragile part.
  • Pack Larger Items First: Place larger and heavier pieces at the bottom of your box, followed by medium and lightweight items. Putting heavier plates or dishware on the bottom can prevent items like smaller bowls from being crushed. Separate and surround each layer of glassware with padding and cushioning until everything is in its place and secure. As an extra precaution, only pack plates with plates, glasses with glasses, etc.
  • Seal and Secure Each Moving Box: After packing up your boxes, give them a gentle shake to ensure that the items inside are not shifting around. If you hear your glassware clicking against each other, add more cushioning. Once everything checks out, secure all openings with packing tape to ensure that nothing falls out during the move. On the outside, write your labels clearly and write “Fragile” with an arrow indicating which side of the box should be facing up.

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