Almost every month there are festivities around the world to recognize beliefs and to celebrate humanity.

Diwali, originating with Hinduism, celebrates in Autumn with wonderful displays of light and positivity.

The mystical Quranic verse known as Ayat-an-Nur (the verse of light) explains the light of God through an extended metaphor for Muslims

Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights with candles and the menorah, brings history to life for Judaism.

In Canada we enjoy the diversity of our many citizens and the cross over expressions of light over darkness. We join in light.

During December the most obvious public displays in Canada are for Christmas. Parades, streets and millions of homes are lit with colour and joy.

Tippet Richardson continues to work for our clients through the season.

People still need to move, relocate and they are the professionals who can assist for local, long distance and international relocations.

Our colleagues wish you happiness and peace during the season.