Packing can be stressful and time-consuming and every choice you make can have an impact on how seamless or how challenging your move will be. One important choice you will have to make is whether you are going to pack up the house yourself or hire a professional mover to do it. The right answer will vary based on your preferences. 

The following points will help you make an informed decision if you should DIY or hire professionals: 

Packing takes time and energy 

Some people prefer to pack some or most of their goods. This is an economical option and can work if you have the time and the proper materials required for it.  

Being realistic about the time constraint 

Whether it is packing a four-bedroom house or a two-bedroom house, there would be a lot of inventory either way, so take a good look around and make a note of all your belongings. Making a home inventory will help you decide whether packing on your own is a possibility or if it’s simply unrealistic. The bigger the house, the more items you will have to pack and move.  

It’s also important that you are honest about your physical capabilities because packing and especially moving will take a toll on your body and lifting wrongly can result in a painful injury. Our experience has shown that it takes two inexperienced people at least two to three days, without professional assistance to prepare and pack the contents of an average three-bedroom home. 

Using the right packing materials 

It is very important to use proper packing containers and wrapping materials. Improperly packed items can be easily damaged or broken. Odd size cartons constructed of improper materials or lids take longer to move and increase the risk of damage drastically. We recommend that you purchase proper packing materials from your mover if you decide to DIY. It is also important that you learn how to use these materials.  

Understanding the use of these packing materials 

Having the material is one part of the ordeal, the other is to pack. There are multiple steps to packing like making sure your belongings are adequately wrapped in newsprint or packing paper, layering is being done in the right manner, you have different and specialized cartons for fragile materials. Having the right carton also becomes of paramount importance here. For example, mirrors and artworks go in picture cartons, dishes and fine China go into China cartons, a chandelier should only be placed in a chandelier container and use of bubble wrap, packing paper, stretch wrap etc. would also have to be understood and applied by you. 

This could be overwhelming to imagine, but when it comes to practice it would also be extremely exhausting if you have a decent amount of inventory.  

Deciding if you need movers 

In the end, you will have to decide if you are comfortable packing your valuable belongings and family heirlooms and are willing to invest time in purchasing the proper packing material and then using it to pack all your belongings. The other way is to let professional packers do it for you while you remain completely stress-free. 

If you decide that you need a mover, the below points will help you choose one. 

Understand their Services 

Each mover has a niche, try and find out if their moving capabilities meet your needs. Look at their website and see if they have experience in relocation and local moving, for this you can look at the number of years they have been in the business. This will provide you with clarity about their expertise and experience and simultaneously develop your confidence so that you can entrust your belongings to them. Also, if there is a gap between your moving out and moving in dates, do not forget to check if they have storage services. 

Determine Your Ideal Packing Experience

Once you are done contemplating and comparing options, think about the experience you want in the end. If you want to have a stress-free move, we recommend hiring professional movers with end-to-end capabilities who can make your move seamless and can pack and transport your belongings safely and securely. Your focus should be on choosing movers who have been in the business for a long time and are well trusted in the community. 

Choosing the right mover 

If you are interested in hiring professional movers, Tippet Richardson can help. Since 1927, we have been moving families and their belongings across Canada and around the world safely and securely. We understand the importance of reliability and are one of the most trusted moving companies in Toronto. Our team offers several different services, so if you are moving and want to work with a trusted mover, contact us today!