A farmer of flowers in Ontario Canada, who owns only a few acres of property, is now planting $35,000 worth of tulip bulbs. She makes the investment of money and toils the ground now in Autumn. Along the way challenges of winter appear. Weather is not under her control. The farmer must also plan for distribution and sales. As much as she wants to be independent and do as much as she can herself, she wisely consults other farmers and professionals outside of the farm community. The farmer wants success.

Planning is needed when we look to the future as an occupation and as individuals.

There are occasions when it appears we have no time to plan. Time is available. We tend to ignore planning.

If seeking a new job in another country for example, once you make the decision, start a list of ‘things to do’.

What area of the world is looking for your skills? (Contact professionals who deal in searches for your skill) What area of the globe is of interest to you? (Look for a match to your skills) Break down the formalities of relocating. (Check the government sites) And so on…

Your list gains scheduling additions as you take the next step.

Some of the preplanning needs whether it be overseas, across North America or locally include selling/buying a home, knowing the new neighbourhood, immigration requirements, work permits, customs and moving your household goods.

A professional Relocations firm like Tippet Richardson, who has been trusted worldwide since 1927, can perform most of your needs.

Talking with a professional in most cases is free.

It is possible all your needs can be mapped and executed by one Relocations firm.

Per-planning reaps the most benefit with the least stress.