Moving, in general, can be very stressful; it involves packing your entire life essentially, putting it into the back of a moving truck and heading to a completely new location just to unpack it all. Moving to an entirely different country only adds to the regular moving stress. With that being said, here is how to minimize your stress while moving from Canada to the United States.

Paperwork needed
The most important thing you need when you’re moving to the United States is the paperwork. All paperwork needs to be submitted prior to your moving day to alert the United States border and government. Our moving team will not assign you a truck or mover until your paperwork is filed, that doesn’t mean we aren’t able to help, though.

Different kinds of paperwork is needed depending on the status you hold during your arrival. Tippet Richardson has created a document where you can evaluate your customs status and plan accordingly. The following are four different statuses you may hold upon entry.

  • Non resident on a visa
  • US resident
  • Part-time resident
  • Collecting inheritance

Next, you will need to fill out information if you are importing a motor vehicle. The United States government requires any vehicle under 25 years old, and planned on being in the United States for over a year to be registered. Our document outlines all of the specific qualifications that need to be met. Our experienced movers are more than happy to offer you advice, clarification, and information regarding normal practices.

When arriving in the United States, you will need to declare a few potential belongings. First is any alcohol you are bringing. Just like flying, you must fill out a declaration and pay taxes on the product you are importing. When it comes to firearms and ammunition, the declaration process is not something to be looked over. Eight weeks minimum notice is required to import a firearm or ammunition. Once again, consult our complete document and review applicable specifics on page 5.

Moving means taking the whole family with you; for many people, that includes pets. Depending on the kind of pet you own, you will need to travel with different documentation. If you have a dog, come prepared with vaccination cards. Cat? Be prepared to be asked for a complete veterinary assessment. Rodents and turtles are usually safe to travel document-free, but birds will likely require examination and quarantine upon arrival. For any specific questions, call the US customs and border office ahead of time.

The team at Tippet Richardson happily offers all the contact information of each agency in one place so that you can ask any direct questions to the United States Government.

Prepare for border delays
Anyone who has ever crossed the border knows how long it can take and how delays impact your travel time. Prepare yourself for an entire day in the car. Inspections can be fairly short or take up to a few hours. Make things go by faster by ensuring all your paperwork is accurate and that your moving trucks are organized.

Book with a cross country moving company
Tippet Richardson has been moving residents between Canada and the United States for decades. This means we know about the expected delays and plan for it to save you, the customer expenses and inconveniences. Our industry veteran team can offer you a clear guide along with the proper documentation to move to the United States from Canada. Our team will remind you about being on track with the previously mentioned requirements. Once you reach your destination, we will help you move into your new space with the same care used to pack up those same belongings.

For more information or to book your move from Canada to the United States, call us today to discuss your options.